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Labelling of the
packaging materials

HoneyGourMet - Sparkling Honey Wine (Mead)

Separate waste collection:

Bottle: GL 71 Glass

Capsule: ALU 41 Aluminium and metal recycling

Cap: FE 40 Aluminium and metal

Waste collection for organic waste:

Corks: FOR 51 Corks


HoneyGourMet - Honey and honey with
honeycomb pieces

Separate waste collection:

Glass: GL 70 Glass

Lid: ALU 41 Aluminium and metal

HoneyGourMet - Honeycomb honey

Plastic collection:

Bag: PET 1

Honigsektproduktion; Tourismusverein Partschins, Karin Thaler (162).jpg
HoneyGourMet, Tourismusverein Partschins, Karin Thaler (6).jpg
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