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the big bang...

Our HoneyGourMet was actually created by an ingenious coincidence.

After several years of cellar storage of our honey wine (mead), the contents of some bottles developed a life of their own and underwent a second fermentation. The result was a surprising pop of the cork when one of the bottles was opened (...the all-important big bang!)  Our fears that the contents had become undrinkable soon proved to be unfounded. From the very first sip, we were thrilled by this novel, sparkling taste experience made from purely natural ingredients such as spring water, apple juice and honey.

Our fascination with this new type of drink prompted us to research the world of sparkling wine production in greater depth and now, after several years of experience, we are able to present our HoneyGourMet, , to a wider audience.

Honigsektproduktion; Tourismusverein Partschins, Karin Thaler (96).jpg
Honigsektproduktion; Tourismusverein Partschins, Karin Thaler (200).jpg
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