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is the name of the most refined form of our honey.

My name is Innerhofer Bert, I live in Parcines and have been running a small beekeeping business there with my family since 2011. Our honey is traded as a South Tyrolean quality brand.

When we set up our beekeeping business over ten years ago, the focus was not only on simple honey, but also on refining the various bee products.

After several years of experience fermenting honey into mead (honey wine), the idea was born to subject the already tasty drink to further bottle fermentation. Following the example of local sparkling wine producers, this unique, sparkling pleasure is created using the "classic method". Although our HoneyGourMet is produced using the champagne method, it cannot be called honey sparkling “wine“ as it does not contain any grapes.

Our HoneyGourMet is made from a finely balanced "honey cuvee" of spring blossoms, mountain blossoms and forest honey, a little apple juice for fermentation and natural spring water.  It is stored thirty months in oak barrels and bottle. This so-called “honey fruit sparkling wine“ is matured as a "brut", it impresses with a balanced acidity, a fine tart residual sweetness and a long-lasting taste experience. It has a golden yellow colour, is clear and has a fine perlage. The alcohol content is approx. 11.5% vol. and the bottle pressure is approx. 5 bar. As a natural product, each vintage tastes uniquely different, as nature does not always provide our bees with the same harvest.

Thanks to its aphrodisiac effect, HoneyGourMet is often enjoyed on romantic occasions, as a sparkling aperitif for any occasion or simply to celebrate life.

Honigsektproduktion; Tourismusverein Partschins, Karin Thaler (1).jpg
HoneyGourMet, Tourismusverein Partschins, Karin Thaler (30).jpg
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